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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Iran Fantasy

The U.S. has, without a doubt been engaged in covert operations to determine locations associated with Iran's nuclear program for over a year. Unlike the case with Iraq, there is little doubt that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Additionally, Iran will doubtlessly become the world's newest nuclear power over the next couple of years. The U.S. obviously doesn't want this to happen, and The Iran Fantasy is the pipe dream that we can do something minor to stop them. In addition to having Pentagon special forces in Iran, the U.S. has been flying drones over Iran in an attempt to pick up radioactive signatures. The fantasy is this: with isotope detectors we'll find one or two sloppily disguised locations where all the centrifuges are located. We'll surprise Iran and the world by bombing key facillities with satellite-guided misses. We'll destroy the centrifuges and the experts in one strike. With our superior technology we will have thwarted a state sponsor of terror from it's attempts to join the nuclear club without losing a single soldier. Maybe if we're lucky, we'll even locate the supreme leader after he threatens retaliation, and off him too. With this key figure gone, The Iranian Caliphates will fall apart in fear, and democracy will suddenly resurge in Iran, transforming the country back to a U.S. friendly civil-society. This is a fantasy, but one that is currently entertained by Bush, Rumsfield, and Pentagon Hawks. wargames scenarios have been run, and the conclusion is that we can't win a war with Iran while simultaneously keeping troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless we resort to our nuclear capability. But maybe, just maybe, we could win with a daring use of technology. The Iraq Fantasy was very similar. We could take out Saddam, retroactively find his chemical weapons, and eternally grateful Shiites and Kurds would elect a U.S.-friendly prime minister. Oil would flow, and contracts with Texan oil companies would be struck, and a prosperous, civil Iraq would be transformed into a greater-Kuwait in a few short years. Go back further and we find The Cuba Fantasy, yet unfufilled.

The Propaganda War has begun. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty use same fake photo of "Iranian" Nuke plant. Not just one mistake at CNN anymore. This points towards the conclusion that the U.S. government is spreading false info about Iran. Yes, Bush's rhetoric is that we have no intentions to invade, though "a president never says never." The rhetoric is that we want a diplomatic solution to work. We've heard this before. It may be Israel that takes action first, as Cheney has hinted. However action in Iran is not imminent. It takes a few years to develop enough nuclear grade uranium with the number of centrifugues that Iran has obtained. Rumsfield has said as much. However Iran and Syria are on the radar. North Korea is not. The Pentagon hopes that star wars will progress quickly after these initial setbacks. Twenty years from now, even if Iran has nukes, we'll still be able to invade, confident that their missles will be destroyed before they reach their targets.

Negorponte: Iran contra criminal tapped to lead national intelligence advisor post.

Global Warming Ocean temperatures have risen half a degree celsius in 40 years. Volcanic and solar explanations for temperature rise discredited. Nice photos of glacier recession .

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