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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Boycott FOX NEWS sponsors!

To get a glimpse of the kind of world we're living in, spend a good half-hour previewing the videos on www.foxnews.com. It's like the The Colbert Report without the satire.

I searched for the title and found a pretty weak page suggesting that we boycott FOX NEWS until Fox decides to be impartial. Hmm... yeah, that'll work.

One thing that can be done is to reduce the Fascist and Balanced revenue stream by letting advertisers know that advertising on FOX comes with a price. Where's the risk? It's not like MoveOn.org or Naral can run adds on networks these days anyway. Below a partial list of FOX advertisers. For this post, and future posts, I'll be focusing on
The Most Watched Videos
Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points
Scott Bleier's Market Wrap
'Catholic' Town in Florida?
The Oscars in the FOXLight

And the rabidly conservative O-Factor-Clone tripe. All businesses that advertise on FOX should be boycotted. However, businesses that plug Cavuto or Oreilly must be shun like a bacon breakfast on Ramadan.

Corporate Sponsors of Domestic Fascism:
-Sony (TV that's stylish, so artistic Women like it, but powerful Men love it's technological prowess. Couple meets for the first time in front of TV exchanging charged filled glance upon realizing they share share a common passion for flat panel TVs). Sony already deserves a boycott for their illegal spyware infested CDs. But, just in case you were thinking about buying the admittedly awesome but overpriced PS3, watch Oreilly online with their commercial lead in.
-Orbitz... Soccer Mom's armed with hedgetrimmers in Edward Scissorhand's neighborhood compete to be the first to book the trip to the Cayman's...disturbing and surreal... Need a more amusing reason to boycott Orbitz?
-Office of National Drug Control Policy [good way for the government to fund FOX. Was anyone else upset by the government November 2nd campaign during the last 2004, election cycle? It looked like A) propaganda for patriotic people to vote B) propaganda for churchgoers to vote. ]
-Microsoft Office (dinosaur commercial)... Let me guess, you'd like to boycott M$, but you're dependent on their file formats because they're the monopolistic standard? It looks like you're doubly obligated to pirate all Microsoft software henceforth. If you don't pirate Microsoft, you're financially supporting the rise of domestic fascism and the demise of competitive capitalism and open source software.
-Merck (kids don't have a clue about diseases adults remember, thanks to Merck scientists [and no thanks to us spending R&D money on ads]... Kid: Chicked Pox is where Chickens go to have fun) "If you ran a drug company, what would you change?" I'd spend more money on ads!

-American Express

Other fun stuff:
-Female commentator saying I'm sure we'll be following the development of this story with great interest (on "good girl" Jessica Alba suing Playboy... video title: "Hot and Bothered").
-Strippers for Jesus, see next post

-"The fact is, when you overload a brain with too much information, there's potential for harm" -Mike Schnepp with his blissfully unoverloaded brain. Pulled his kids out of school because a substitute teacher had a sex change operation. (O'reilly Factor)


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